Amil Bui


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  1. -1999/2003 Gil Cagné Assistant, Working on last Make Up lines for his Company;

  2. -2003/2005 Make Up Artist for Gil Cagnè Make Up distribuited by Jean Klebert;

  3. -2002/2003 Make Up Artist for "Un'italiana per Miss Mondo;

  4. -2004  "Miss Italia";

- 2005/2006 Art Director & Teacher for "John Casablancas Model & Talent Management Rome";

  1. -2006/Now Art Director  Italia "Stagecolor Cosmetics" for MB Divisione Cosmetica.

Make Up ...

A New Make up Philosophy ...

Since 2006, I became the artistic director, for Italy for the Stagecolor brand. My explicit task was to  create a new concept for a professional make up, and a “Timeless” offer, rich of colors and products that can satisfy women and the Italian market.

The experience and meticulous work enabled me to create a versatile Make up, studied and adapted to answer all needs of professional, beauticians and the everyday woman.

The creation of a special support service within the beauty center will give professional make-up a new dimension based on the pleasure that every woman feels when she can valorize her face with a few gestures, feeling  more beautiful!

It is something very personal, often able to touch very sensitive strings of the interior of every woman!

Each woman knows exactly how she would like her image to be in the mirror, but, having neither the knowledge nor the right tools and failing in her attempt to make-up she often gives up or limits herself   to the necessary minimum. 

At this point it is evident what the importance is of the make-up artist. He knows how to understand and listen, he can make each woman unique and original avoiding to overlook her personality.

Work Experience

  1. -Serata D'onore with Giancarlo Dotto con Claudia Cardinale, Leo Gullotta, Vanzina, Tullio Solenghi, Rossella Falk, Giuliana De Sio;

  2. -Film "The Angels of the green Island" by  Enzo Castellari with Franco Nero;

- "La Carica dei Centocelle" with Anna Pettinelli and Fanny Cadeo;

  1. -"Sotto un cielo di Stelle" Videoclip by Anna Tatangelo;

Make Up done on

Edwige Fenech, Claudia Cardinale, Anna Tatangelo, Gigi Finizio, Fabrizio Frizzi, Giuliana De Sio, Francesca Rettondini, Cristina Chiabotto, Jamiroquai, Franco Nero, Alessandra Panaro, Ambra Angiolini, Nina Morich, Anna Pettinelli, Leo Gullotta

Tv Experiences

I Fatti Vostri (RaiUno); Mosquito (ItaliaUno); Cominciamo Bene (RaiTre); Verissimo (ItaliaUno); Lucignolo (ItaliaUno)

I think that right now the beautician and the aesthetics in generally has the absolute necessity to take stock of the situation on what it’s essentially the make-up artist and how could be the best way to connote this topic so important in the its daily contest.

The proposal within the beauty center can be done using those that I denominated today the main keys for the success: profesionality, competence and experience!

I wish for this, in my daily meetings with professionals of the sector, bring you a simple testimonial of my philosophy and technical work, absolutly introspective, that respond more concretely to the context where you work.


We are proud to present you a novelty within our Stagecolor Foundation assortment.

Finally a foundation with a lifting effect for a visibly younger skin appearance.

A creamy texture with a semiliquid effect: silky, natural and impalpable.

Antioxidant effect with a sun protection Spf 10.

Active Agent: MATRIXYL synthe'6 TM: Synthesis of 6 major constituents of the skin: Collagen I, Collagen III, Collagen IV, Laminin-5, Fibronecitin, Hyaluronic acid. They will give on the complexion more compactness and elasticity!